Saturday, November 30, 2013

WATCH:@LaraCScandar - Falling Out Of Love New Music Video - لارا اسكندر

The Lara Scander Experiment has come to full circle. This is a young woman with an international background (but Arabic background) who wants to rock out in English and Arabic. She seems much better at English and her songs feel energetic and exciting to her fans. Although her songs are often recorded and mixed.

Her album About A Girl had a number of songs, now comes a music video for one the songs in English, and it seems about a young woman who is doing what stereotypical women like to do, hang out in the closet and try makeup on for the one they love. She makes music vidoes in a different way--very similar to the Western fashion. Through it all, she has always manged to be sassy.

It's not easy to define Lara Scander, she has many styles, faces and languages--she could sing in four languages. She is a women in progress, and her fans like her this way, she always give them something new and fresh--her last music video was for her debut Arabic song. Just look how many fans she has on Facebook . Her fans are from all over the global map. I do think however that her fans tend to be younger who care very much for their look.

Lara Scandar - Falling Out Of Love New Music Video - لارا اسكندر


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