Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jad Khaleifah Live Rendition جاد خليفة - يلى شايف نفسه 2013 لايف

The young Lebanese stud Jad Khaleifah is out with a live version of anew song that got his fans racing to the internet. The young charmer has a concert where he performed this song . Some people have called out out of his naturally voice sounding like the now retired Fadel Shaker.

He is a radio star where his singles find a comfortable place. He has spoke about his resentment for computer affects in the recording industry. Jad can mimic other stars like George Wassouf. He has not ruled out acting, but not before he releases a full album that is in search for a producer. Jad has dabbled into music videos where he has few out there, plus he has done songs in the Khaliji dialect.

جاد خليفة - الله معك Jad Khaliffa Allah Ma'ak - Full Quality

جاد خليفة - يلى شايف نفسه 2013 لايف


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