Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The "We Don't Have Electricity" Song Is Here #Gaza ما فيش كهربا #Palestine

Many places do not have eclectically, in that regard, Gaza is not unique. But since 2007 this has been an issue in Gaza since 2007 when the Israeli military bombed Gaza's main power generators. Aside from that, there are other issues like lack of gas and fuel to run such powerful generators. Another issue is lack of payment from local consumers.

Now, the youth of Gaza who are hooked to social media, cannot take it for long--there are hospitals that struggle with power cuts. Instead of cursing the darkness, these guys did not light a candle, they recorded a song with plenty of humor about this terrible reality. The acts of ironing one' shirts requires a political explanation. I am surprised actually this song is pretty funny, clever and fresh.
I would think the production took the song seriously, and the youth did a fine job mocking their sad reality.  The music is pretty good and the feels the work of a professional.

ما فيش كهربا


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