Friday, November 15, 2013

Asma Lmnawar And The Black Gold Money

Morocco  is the kingdom where scores of young women aspire to become pop divas, and those pop divas land in another kingdom. The Saudi and Bahrain kingdom is the home for so many of them. Asma Lmnawar landed there only few years after the rocked the music scene with her fresh take on the Arabic classical songs and her performances and duets next to Iraqi hit-maker Kathem Al Saher.

Something else, happened, the Gulf called and Asma moved there to be close to her concert deals, poets and local musicians who would give her their finest work for free. They all know her voice and talent will bring their music and lyrics to life, she makes anything special. She also brings her fan to tune in. I have heard many of those Moroccan ladies speak how similar the dialects are, so they think they can do the Khaliji dialect so well. To their credit, so many of them have.

The risk is that she gets too busy with concerts and wedding concerts for few years, until her name fades away. After that, she has a lot of money, but goes back to her roots, and tries to remind folks of how awesome she is really is. She is not along in this, many other stars go this route, some comeback others just cannot break it anymore.

This brings us to Asma's latest single, "Ajbak", an average song had it been delivered by any other pop divas, a super turbo emotional performance from the Moroccan artist and the song is a delight. One thing to remember  while Asma has done well for herself in those songs, I feel she has given up on reaching out to her original fans who liked her other songs--the one she seems not to make anymore.

جديد 2013 أسماء المنور عاجبك |النسخة الاصلية| بدون أحتكار


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