Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can Myriam Fares Succeed Without Her Arousing Dance?

She is arguably, the most sensual and suave dancer among her peers in the pop scene. She is a smart business woman too, but think in 20 years would she still want to be doing those booty dance shakes on stage? Again, would you want to see her 20 years from now doing a sexy dance on stage?

To her credit she has been dancing for almost ten years and her career seems to thrive and the fans are more fond of her. Now, watch the dudes on this video leering at her on this live engagement for Valentine day in a Beirut concert. I am certain women enjoy that to a certain degree, but to what degree does it get creepy?

The trouble is that a lot of men in private comment and say nasty things about her dance moves, but in private, they are sending her all the likes and viewership. To be fair, I doubt any guy listened to the song or the words she was singing, instead they were tracking her like a heat seeking missile.

 I think Myriam is a smart woman with million of fans around the Arab world, but isn't time for her to do more serious songs, just to dip her toes by doing covers where she is looking classy and not revealing so much skin. This allows listeners to concentrate on her quality voice--if she has what it takes. Most artists of her era did this, and made it their fall back plan.

Myriam Fares - ميريام فارس ترقص و تغني اللهجة المغربية

Myriam Fares - ميريام فارس في حفل عيد الحب حقلق راحتك


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