Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bodybuilder Performing At The House Of Opera

He is a car-racing champ, he likes to watch and star in action flicks, he is built to last and the gym sees more of him that anyone else it seems. But when he sings, he rocks and this is hardly his first time performing at the Egyptian House of Opera. This is the story of Khaled Selim, the Egyptian singer/actor who happens to have two great things an athlete body, and a strong voice.

He is a frequent guest at the Egyptian House of Opera, he looks like a badass, someone who can hurt you, but when he sings he sounds like someone you want to sit next to. He is a smart pop star whose albums conquer the top charts in music stores around the Arab world. But he has a softer side, he is a father of a little girl whom he cannot stop talking about.

He is one of those manly men who have what it takes to so very different things, a Renaissance man, a guy who could have been wrestler, but who chose to channel his inner emotions through music, his sweet voice and sweet emotions do wonders.  

خالد سليم ولا ليله ولا يوم / Khaled Selim Wala Lela Wala Youm

Khaled Selim Ba7'af Mn El 3'orob

Khaled Selim 3alm Tany/ خالد سليم عالم تاني


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