Monday, November 25, 2013

#Nigeria, The Go To Place For Arab Concerts in Africa

Of all places, I did not think I will see an Arabic pop concert in Nigeria--I did not know many Arab folks lived there, but now I know. Syrian pop star and former participant in Star Academy had a concert there in a Lebanese restaurant. It seems to have went well and to have been packed.

Myriam Atallah took the trip there and partied with those fun Lebanese and Syrians living there. At the Piccolo Mondo Restaurant. Among the concert goers is the famed Lebanese composer Smeir Sfier--no idea why he was in Nigeria either. As the Arab spring makes it hard and harder for Arab artists to make money, many of them go around the world in search of concerts, Africa has received dozens of Lebanese artists in the pat two years.

Mryiam seems to have wore two different dresses, which means the concert was not a 30 minute ordeal. Young people were in attendance and have taken plenty of pictures with the artist. I am happy to see them partying hard in Nigeria, and only hope for them to be working harder.


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