Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blackberry Finds Itself Arab Celebrity To Promote It

The affluent people in the Gulf have always used Blackberry, and the Israeli assassins also prefer this device in their communication. So, you get the idea, Blackberry is the phone of choice for business types and those who like to stay ahead of the curve.

Blackberry Middle East realized their struggle to keep up their brand in the face of iPhones and Google phones, now that they have lunched new devices, comes the celebrity endorsers. The Canadian company hired Lebanese beauty Mai Hariri to be their pitch lady.

She is talking up the Blackberry Z10, the phone launched in a posh downtown Beirut hotel where the Minister of telecommunications was present alongside many business types. Mai made a live phone call during the event and it seemed to have been a fun event.

Mai Hariri & Fulla - Bahwak / مي حريري و فلة - بهواك


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