Saturday, November 2, 2013

Will Tunisian Pop Star Latifa Ever Make A Hit Song Again?

I love Tunisian pop artist, I am a strong follower of her songs, but I have not gotten excited about a song she released in more than four years. The last album I liked is the one she recorded with the Rahbanis in 2009 "Matrouhosh Bi'eed". Now she just returned to collaborate with her home company--the one that she won World Music Award with. Latifa, it's a tough market out there--you are cool and ageless, but you need to earn new fans.

Earning new fans is the smart thing to do, your older fans love your stuff, now the new kids need to know why you matter. Give us something catchy, and we know you have the hits, stop chasing after the Gulf money, fix things at home in Tunisia.

I hope this will help make you a super commercial success. I look forward to checking out the new album which Alam Alphan will distribute. The album has been in the works for more than three years, Latifa is making a lot of promises, the album will have 15 tracks at least. the album will be happier one, little drama. One song took five takes to perfect. Most songs will be in Egyptian dialect and one Tunisian.

Something tell me, this press conference could have better planning, Latifa is trying hard to speak Egyptain and I think the head of the company lack some chemistry.

Press Conference at Mazzika - حفله توقيع عقد النجمة لطيفة مع مزيكا -


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