Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Geroge El Rassi Sings Melhem Barkat

George El Rasi has some powerful friends in the music industry in Lebanon. Melhim Barakat showed up at his event and seems to have endorsed him, and so has Nizar Francis, and now he is out with a new work, and the new single was released at the Virgin Mega Store...I think George has finally found his A team, a producer Jaroudi house, and he got the music right.

Since I was a teen George had a friend in me, George started as the younger Geroge Wassouf, and he has done dozens of Lebanese songs. The composer Melhim Barkat spoke at the interview and had a good time with his eccentric antics.  This is an event that relaunches the career of a really talented singer who now works with a unique musician. His sister also showed us--she is a follow entertainer. The new song re-invents and re-introduces George.

جورج الراسي يطلق "مين قلك" بحضور الموسيقار


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