Monday, November 4, 2013

Listen: Omar Alabdallaht Comeback Song عمر العبداللات صفي النيه # ألبوم صفي النيه 2013

His name is Omar Alabdallat and he is a rock star in Jordan and beyond. He is now staging a comeback with a new album, which was produced by a telecommunication giant Zain. Both parties benefit financially, and the fans get to have a fun album.

His album is about having good intentions, relax, the Lord will provide, don't stress out. I like that, it's so easy to get stuck in one's head and worry too much. I like this lead song and it brings the best about this Jordanian artist who is indeed an Arab star.

This is a party song with so much energy, I know the boys in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Jordan will dance with ease to this beat. One works hard and not worry, the lord will make it all work out according to the song and various holly books.

عمر العبداللات صفي النيه # ألبوم صفي النيه 2013


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