Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Father Is Great, The Son Not So Much

I love his dad, but I do not feel his song has what it takes. He came across as a brat who comes with a high sense of entitlement. His dad is the Kuwaiti hit-maker and singing bird Nabil Shoeil, the man who gave the region some of the most gentle songs.

But then his son walks into the stage and thinks he can sing. I beg to differ. He needs a lot of training, and maybe he would grow up a little bit. He is a boy even though he looks like a grown up. His style can benfit from some makeover, he is not a fisherman on a salmon boat close to Alaska.  He got thee yeses and one no. I think he should have gotten two and two, but people were being nice to him. Carole did not money around. She said a flat no.    

تجارب الأداء شعيل نبيل شعيل - The X Factor 2013


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