Friday, November 1, 2013

The Blonde Bombshell Who Loves General Sisi Very Much! #Egypt

Fast forward 50 minute 50:55 and see her give her speech, Egyptian part of the army's propaganda to attract tourists and do damage control (since the coup the economy has tanked) So, they bring celebrities and a dozen of brown-nosers to talk soft on the coup, and try to beg tourists to come back to see Egypt.

Nelly, the entertainer, actress, dancer and show girl came up and spoke in favor of the general, she thanked him for being a godsend who made life sweeter. She thanked Saudis Arabia and the Bahrain before she even thanked the people of Egypt. The joke is here, the event was held in the valley of grass or weed that goes to tell you people who attended this event were high. The city that hosted this event is the resort town of Hurghada on the Red Sea.  

Per Wikipedia

Nelly is of Armenian descent from a family who migrated from Aleppo, Syria. The school she attended as a child was run by and for people of Armenian descent in Cairo.[1] She is the younger sister of Feyrouz, a well-known child actress, and a cousin of Lubluba, another well-known Egyptian-Armenian film actress who is a little older than she is. Nelly was married to the Egyptian film director Husam al-Dine Mustafa, and later on she married musician Mody al Imam

Nelly has largely retired from making films, comedy shows, and music, but she has been visible as a guest personality on a number of TV talk & entertainment programs. She also served as a judge in 2006 in The X Factor, XSeer Al Najah TV show, the Arabic version of "The X Factor" singing talent search show. In January 2010 it was reported that Nelly accepted an actress role in a proposed serious TV drama. If this proposal goes to completion, it will be Nelly's first serious drama role since 1989
شاهد نيللي تغازل السيسي بقولها أنه "حلى الدنيا"

تتر نهاية فوازير الخاطبة - نيللى - رمضان زمان

فوازير عالم ورق ؟؟؟؟نيللي؟؟؟؟ تتر البداية


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