Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eissa Almarzoug, The Cool Kuwaiti Kid From Star Academy Goes Back To Work!

Eissa Almarzoug has many fans during his brief stint at Star Academy, he is one of the guys form the Gulf and he was so cool, he did not take himself too seriously like people from that area tend to. This Kuwaiti kid know how to address the heart of the ladies, he is a gentleman. He was on the last season, the ninth season and a lot of people were upset by his departure.

He is the son of his mother whom he values form the pictures I have seen, but his smooth voice and style tell me he is a heart-breaker. He has this Arab look that makes you love him. I love his mature voice, his lyrics and the music. Nothing in this song needs to change. He comes across as a mature artist who has experience that takes some a lifetime.

His first single is about apologies, but it's not pathetic, instead it's heartwarming.

عيسى المرزوق أنا أسف 2013 Eissa Almarzoug

عيسى المرزوق انا اسف 2013


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