Thursday, November 28, 2013

Red Bull Jihad In Syria And Malek Jandali Saves The Day!

I hope the seasoned and self-important Syrian composer Malek Jandali is reading this report from Elaph (a Saudi publication based in London) It seems that the foreign fighters who have invaded Syria to "liberate" it are enjoying a five star Jihad in that country while the locals scramble for bread. The report cites that foreign fighters enjoy Kit Kat chocolate bars, Red Bull, playing video games and surfing the internet.

But do not worry, it's all good pianist Malek Jandali got to raise the new Syrian flag while he was in Manila, Philippines doing his jihad through his golden fingers. What;s the big deal about a one minute video where Malek is on the stage? I doubt people in the audience know that difference between the two flags! Kidding aside, Malek is an awesome composer and a pride for Syria and Syrians. I hope he gets to free Syria and hope to see him go back to live in "freedom' and "safety" created for him courtesy of these foreign fighters.

Malek become a lot more known after the crisis started in Syria--in more ways than others he have benefited from the tragedy. But not to worry, he is already raising funds for Syrian children--no one knows where the fund goes (to the best of my knowledge)

I wish the artist well, and I am getting tired of this Syria thing already. Maybe Malek can go back to bragging about his American citizenship and the rights he has like he did when he was attacking that group in Washington DC.

Malek Jandali raises Syria Freedom Flag in Manila Philippines


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