Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This is What Arabic Pop Sounded In the 80s!

Thanks to Hamid El Shari the Libyan guy who worked in radio at home and Egypt. Hamid listened to way too many pop and rap songs from America, he took all that knowledge and used it to make Arabic music upbeat. He know the right equipment from his time in the radio, and using electronic affects was his thing.

Almost everyone was making real music with real composers, Hamid injected some democracy or chaos into the scene and made Arabic pop catch and hip. He was a producer or as they term it in Arabic music arranger. He is the record doctor and all the wanna be pop stars knocked on his doors. He helped so many of them and made a good living form himself.

Here's one of those back then cool music videos, now we look at it and laugh as how goofy. From the looks of it he and his friends took over a basement and made this music video. Keep on thing on mind, those songs were the go to for any dance party and wedding function. So before you dismiss, it you might want to check with your mother first.

 حميد الشاعري -- جلجلي -- فيديو كليب


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