Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here's Why Ramy Gamal Just Made The Best Pop Album In Arabia @RamyGamalMusic

There are many factors that make an album great in my mind, but the biggest one to me is cohesion. An album can be loaded with great songs, but if it doesn't have a cohesive element to it, it just won't be as great as it could have been. It can still be enjoyable of course, but it won't reach the height of its potential. Cohesion has long been a staple of what makes an album great. I know Ramy Gamal just made a n album that can be called the perfect one

I love every single song on that album, no flaws. I don't think any of their other albums have matched it so far. No rubbish whatsoever every song is a real song, well thought and something amazing. which aren't even real songs, they reduce the point of an album and just use it to fill time. For a good album, you should be able to tell just by listening, how much time and effort went into making it. What I like about Ramy Gamal's latest album is that not all the songs are the same, some are slow, some are fast...mixing it up helps and doesn't make you feel like your listening to the same song 15 times over. Speaking of, if you can listen to each song by itself over and over and not get tired of it, there's a good album.

1.) Immediately grabs my attention - that doesn't mean that I have to like it immediately, but it has to grab my attention, and I have to remember it afterwards. Sometimes an album will be so abrasive or out there that I can't be said to enjoy it, but it will make me want to go back to and listen to it.

2.) Reveals depth and enjoyment on repeated listens - Layers, motifs, a multiplicity of meanings in the lyrics. Depth, however, does not necessarily mean complexity. There are several simple albums that I would consider deep because they strike such a specific emotional nerve and do so with incredible poignancy, The Replacements' Let it Be comes to mind.

3.) Enjoyment over an extended period of time - This goes with 2, but the two are not wholly interwoven. A complex, deep, album may reveal itself to be boring or bloated after six or seven spins, but a great album can be played over and over again and I'll be able to enjoy even if I'm not listening for depth or content.
And how do you achieve that? A lot of it's subjective. Play the kinds of chords I like, do something that I've never heard before, write lyrics that resonate with me emotionally or mentally, weave your album together so it feels like a cohesive unit, etc.

A theme, or dare I say a concept, is going to help an album hang together, Ramy found one and it circulates around a guy who is trying to forget that love and he fails to do it every time he tries. He is not doing flirty songs, and then I am heart broken types. Insisted the theme is clearly, when loves goes sour and you still hold tight to your memories.

As for the great music Ramy Gamal is a gifted musician and composer, he knows the music side, and he shops around for good composers to work with. Maybe because he appreciates the work of the talent that they give him their finest work. He also make music for his own songs, but he does not make the mistake and only work with himself, he knows that can create dull albums.

رامي جمال - حكاية روح / Ramy Gamal - Hekayet Roh

رامي جمال - فترة مش سهلة / Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla

رامي جمال - بكلمتين / Ramy Gamal - Bekelmetein

رامي جمال - عمال ييجي عليا / Ramy Gamal - Ammal Yeegy Allaya

رامي جمال - تعدي سنين / Ramy Gamal - Teaddy Seneen


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