Thursday, November 7, 2013

Army Stops Tamer Hosny, He Sings Them A Curfew Song جديد تامر حسني 2013 - اغنية الحظر

Tamer Hosny was one of the biggest losers of the Jan 25th revolution, he became a joke. But he found himself welcome as the army lead the coup against the democratically elected president. There is a new random song from him as he was kicking it with his buddies singing about curfew--the song turns the curfew into a romantic tale--cannot really go our on a date and return home by 7 pm.

The song is actually apolitical, it talks about a couple who wants to go out on a date but change their plans due to the military curfew. it looks Tamer Hosny returns to basics here, and guy with a guitar who wanted to make people happy and make light of a complicated situation. I like this song because he is not trying to go over the top-simple lyrics and catchy tune.

The song is even recorded on a cellphone from one night where music lovers got together and came up with what seems like an organic songs.

The story behind the song is rather impressive, the singer was reported to be out and about when he was stopped by a military checkpoint enforcing the curfew. Tamer was driving his car at 1 am with composer Mohamoudd Khayami, they were stopped by the military o they started singing.

جديد تامر حسني 2013 - اغنية الحظر


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