Tuesday, November 26, 2013

American @JenniferGroutt Fires Up Arabs Got Talent

The twenty three year old Bostonian appeared on Arabs Got Talent, the Arabia went wild. She sang a cover for the legendary Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum and the press won't shut up about her. She is Jennifer Grout . and yes, she plays the oud!  While she is no Arab, she clearly got the talent.

This is the story of American woman from Massachusetts is wowing the judges and audiences of "Arabs Got Talent" with her singing, despite the fact that she understands very little Arabic. Jennifer has moved into the finals of the competition which is shown throughout the Arab world and has been competing with performers from across the Middle East and North Africa.

This season has featured a Saudi stand-up comic, a karate-performing trio from Kuwait and a hijab-wearing rapper from Egypt, among many others. Grout, who is from Cambridge, Mass., is getting ready to return to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where she will be one of 12 contenders in the finals of "Arabs Got Talent." "The first performance, nobody really took me seriously before I went on stage, just an American girl singing Arabic," she said of her Susan Boyle moment. "About 30 seconds into it, I think everybody was very surprised. I felt really proud, because the audience went from not taking me seriously to like, wow she's good.

Grout is through to the show's final on 7 December, with the judges first won over by her version of Umm Kulthum's Baeed Annak, a love song that is tough even for native-speakers to master – and then Oh Birds, by Syrian singer Asmahan. "You don't speak a word of Arabic," another judge, Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, told her, "and yet you sing better than other singers."

Arabs got talent Jennifer grout

Jennifer Grout جينيفر جراوت

Jennifer grout sing أم كلثوم -Arabs got talents-


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