Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet Bruno Tabbal, The Josh Groban Of #Lebanon @BrunoTabbal

Sentimental guys in Lebanon does not make a living in music, they do in the fashion industry. But one guy begs to differ...Bruno Tabbal is the guy who wants you to hear his music and enjoy these delicate emotions his voices brings out.

He shot to fame years ago on Star Academy, and now he is finding his voice, his style and his very won brand.  He is at his finest in the newly released track Ma Fi Habib. A desperate song from someone who is trying to find somebody to love, but fails to do so. It's that moment when you are watching the rain wash away your pains, this is when you want this song. It's for the classy soul inside you, it;s for you when you just cannot get enough of that piano.

The song is not for mass productions, or radio or car rides, it's for thinker and the sincere soul inside each one of us. It's an intimate songs that brings out our weekends. Think about these romantic French songs, and imagine Bruno doing them in Arabic with the same guidelines. I like how Bruno has not sold out yet--he only does the songs that fit him and his sophisticated style.

Bruno Tabbal - Ma Fi Habib (the song)


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