Monday, November 18, 2013

With "Wala Ala Balo" Amr Diab Became The Pop King

When I first came to the States, there was virtually no Arabic songs that was recognizable in North America, though one song was released then with Sting and Cheb Mami "Desert Rose" , it had Arabic in it and it was a huge hit. But as far as Arabic song and artists there were nobodies.

Then I started teaching Arabic and found that some of my students knew who Amr Diab was, and they found his music interesting-they also know other legends like Fayrouz. And all of sudden ca,e a catchy song form Amr Diab that made his intro to non Arabs a lot's the song below

Wala Ala Balo came in 2002 and it had all the right elements for a dance song, people really danced to the beat and it did help to have some guy do the raps for Amr Diab. I must say that was a cool song and it had a nice music video to go with it. If there is one Arab singer who knows how to make a hit song, it's Amr. I have to agree similar songs did not come easily from him.

I do like the Arab drums and Eastern flavors mixed so beautifully with Western styles. Amr really did his part here with the dancing and what's not. question is, can he make a cool song like this? Not with Rotana he has not.

Amr Diab - Wala Ala Balo عمرو دياب - ولا علي باله


  1. Meh, "Al Leila" is thousand times better than this.