Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ten Years Later, Sayonee By Junoon Band Is My Favorite Pakistani Song

I rode in a care with two friends from Pakistan in Thanksgiving 2002 and we drove to California  from the State of Utah through Reno, Nevada. En route to our destination  music must be played, and since the driver was a Pakistan so was the music.

The highlight of the trip was me listening to catchy song by a band these two guys loved so much--the band's name is Junoon, to my mind that spelled Craziness/Madness in Arabic, and I liked where this was headed. And then came this song that the entire car passengers were jamming to it--including two Mexican girls. Sayonee, (soul-mate) you just cannot get a more perfect song that how this song flows. The song was released in in 1997 and exploded in the music charts around the globe.

This is a rock song with authentic flavor throughout. I remembered it when a lady from India talked to me about music and I told her about my favorite song from Pakistan--she was talking about soap operas from that country. She too adores this song. Peace at last, brought to India and Pakistan by one Sufi rock band. Granted, this is an Urdu song  

Sayonee - Junoon (Azadi)


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