Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Time Nawal El Zoghby Became A Godess

Nawal El Zogby has been around for almost twenty years, she has sold records like there is no tomorrow, she has sold mega concerts, and got sky-high ratings for the shows where she appeared on. She has also gave birth to kids who seem to love her.

But it was not until she did a cover song for a Abdel Halim Hafiz song that has elevated her status into the the goddess category. The song is meant to be sang by a guy who is singing about his mysterious lady...his friends want to know who is this lady. He won'ts say and he is keeping his love story a secret. Nawal brought out the passion, and the talent she has locked in for years. She even played the cool cat and danced a bit.

This is not an easy song to sing, she performed it live and it was something she has never done before. It was worth the wait. The magical music is the works of Baligh Hamdi who composed hundreds of Arabic songs for many divas and singers.....this is one of his top ten works I would say. The Nawal showed she is got soul, and a perfect rendition brought the song to life.

This is a bout a guy who want to keep his love to himself and won't let others ruin it for him.

 Habibati Man Takoun - Nawal El Zoghby حبيبتى من تكون - حفلة - نوال الزغبى

عبد الحليم حافظ - حبيبتي من تكون


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