Sunday, November 10, 2013

WATCH: Romanian Kid Singing For Amr Diab... Arabs Go Crazy! Go Omar Arnaout!

One tiny Romanian Kid was appearing on a talent scouting competition in Romania, and his song of choice was performing a hit song by the Egyptian king of pop Amr Diab....what happens next? The in studio guests and judges go crazy for this charming young singer.....I love how everyone loved the enrgey and the excitement this kid has brought. I know he is going places as he showed off his Romanian culture yet his pride of his musical heritage.

and the Arab world was no less crazy about this surprise hit. I would not be surprised if this kid appeard in a concert in some Arab country. The kid loves the song too much, and he started a riot---something tells me the kid has Arab parents. There are many Arabs who go to school in Romania for medical and engineering schools.

Here's what we know, the kid's name is Omar and his parents are sitting in the audience. The name of the program is "Next Star" He's got the stage persona, and the presence I love he his face shows how much fun he is having.

العالم الله يغنيها طفل روماني-Romanian kid singing for Amr Diab

عمر ارناؤوط موهبة عربية يغني في رومانيا

 طفل رومانى يبهر العرب بأغنية "العالم الله" لعمرو دياب


  1. Omar won the first edition of Next Star. His mother is Romanian and his father is from Lebanon. I voted also for him :) He sang well, but what impress me was his thinking, really a smart kid and well mannered child.