Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Listen Naji Osta - Mesh Tabi3i / ناجي الاسطا - مش طبيعي

Can you dance while crying? I believe you now can. Thanks to hot record spin master Naji Osta. Naji is kind of a cool dude who makes fun records while being a chick magnet. His new single lands smoothly and it fuses the joy of love and the agony of loving too much.

The lyrics can make you break a tear, they are heart felt and seem to have come from a deep place and a real love story that has gone bad. But the music is primed for the dance floor. I hate the fact that it's not long enough. The title means unnatural or abnormal, a way to describe his love to this luck person. 

Naji you have finally landed on the song to take you mainstream, get booked outside Lebanon and get your press releases farther now. Naji is open for your pop and romance business.

Naji Osta - Mesh Tabi3i / ناجي الاسطا - مش طبيعي


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