Thursday, January 17, 2013

Amr Katamesh Is Not Sorry اغنية انا مش اسف غناء عمرو قطامش و علي الألف

Oddball poet Amr Katamesh  is back from his slow season and this time he wants us to know he is serious about being funny. It's hard to deliver a serious topic when you are half joking in slang. This is the twitter poet who put together this song with so many crass references. The activist Wael Amr composed this one, Amr wrote the lyrics and his buddy performed them next to him.

The talented Arabs Got Talent bring s lute and a political brain to his new music video, it's a little sad and dramatic about today's Egypt and politics. I really love the backup chorus. While Amr is not singer, he brings a guy with a sweet voice, Ali Al Alfy. Their collaboration is called "I'm Not Sorry", they are asking people to scream louder and make their voices heard.

I love how those entertainers get paid big bucks and pose as heroes  They never die--I do not want them to, but they charge the other people to go die. This is irresponsible, words have meaning. This is not bold, this is a farce, on TV, they stand as heroes and in real life they are spending their time playing video games. The well-meaning people with bleeding hears die and the ones who want to live are making music about dying and sacrificing.

Do I like this song, yes! Do I take it seriously nope.

 ana mosh asef - اغنية انا مش اسف غناء عمرو قطامش و علي الألف


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