Friday, January 18, 2013

Amr Diab Picks The Next Amr Diab (Wafae Chikki/Mohannad Zohair)

The fresh idea of a star picking the young talents who can best perform his own songs is pretty awesome. Through his radio and social media outlets two voices have been picked by the votes of Arabs based on their performance of a beloved Amr Diab song.

Amr Diab has picked five voices, the ones you see in the video below. And then the audience had more than a month to vote them in. This plan generated so much buzz online and offline, it was one of those creative ideas that has win-win written all over it.

Amr Diab Academy - The 5 Finalists الفائزون بالمرحلة الثالثة

The votes came in, and the first winner is Moroccan native and German resident Wafae Chikki who did a fine job covering one of Amr Diab's most romantic songs. I think Wafae tells me you can never be too young  to enjoy the modern classics. Amr speaks to you, and the language does not matter.

Amr Diab Academy We Malo Wafae Chikki

The other winner is the song of Egypt Mohannad Zohair who owned the song and reminded us of many emotional songs Amr Diab has given us. Mohand did give it his best shot, but now he is in the spotlight and he is form the motherland, so he has to shine.

Amr Diab - Medley | Mohanad Zohair - ميدلي | مهند زهير

Those are two great voices, and I hope to hear more of their own original songs. The award cemony was held in the Four Season Cairo. Mohannad and Wafae are set to appear next to Amr Diab in his next big concert. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Needless to say this is a smart business idea to drum up support for Amr Diab's social media presence. Where his academy received about 1000 submissions and more than 100 thousand people have sent in their votes. I am sure other stars are now thinking to copy Amr Diab and do their own competition. Either way this is a good way for internet hooked young people to stand out.

Amr Diab Academy (English Subtitle) أكاديمية عمرو دياب


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