Thursday, January 31, 2013

WATCH: The X Factor Arabia Judges Promo 2013 اكس فاكتور ٢٠١٣,

The British are coming to invade the Arab world once more time, this time they are doing it through shows like the X Factor. Yes, I know this is the hundredth singing competition program, but it seems they have truly scored some of the biggest names in Arabia pop to judge the show.

Three Lebanese (Wael Kfoury, Elissa and Carol Samahe), and one hit maker form the United Arab Emirates Hussein Al Jassmi. The panel of four judges will be providing their skills, personalities and celebrity status to bring rating to the program, which will air on Lebanese network MTV.

Such shows are advertiser's wet dream, Pepsi seems to have a lot of control over the X Factor and its various editions around the globe. I am sure people will watch this show for few reasons I can think of. For starter, those are all hot names and active in making pop music. Second. those names do not particularly give many interviews, so people are hungry to get a peak at those celebrities when they are being themselves.

The first episode will air on February 8th, and the promos are already dazzling us with what to come.
The X Factor Arabia Judges Promo

The X Factor Arabia - إكس فاكتور فى الوطن العربى


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