Saturday, January 26, 2013

LISTEN: جو اشقر - كنتي بالسهرة Joe Ashkar Transcend In Kounti B'sahra

Joe Ashkar knows how to party and how to be a top tier socialite. The handsome and well dressed Lebanese singer owns a posh club in downtown Beirut, and has friendships to envy. But most of us know him for his music and his music video.

Joe Ashkar seems to live on his own terms, he never copies other singers. He does not chase what's popular and always come across as confident romantic. Just like he is doing with his latest single, telling the love tale when he was stuck by love from the first sight.

This radio hit of his, feels different, the music has not been generated by some fancy computer affect. I appreciate the lute and the more intimate vibe the song gives. It feels like very warm in there, and that warmth is reflected on Joe's performance  He is able to speak to the women that has put a spell on him. The lyrics are very sweet and believable at the same time.

I think Joe breaks new ground with this new single, he is reaching intro a territory of fans he has not addressed before--the grownups who want something real.

جو اشقر - كنتي بالسهرة ( حصريا ) Joe Ashkar kounti B'sahra


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