Saturday, January 26, 2013

Listen: Youssef Arafat Loves Jordan Song اغنيه يوسف عرفات - احلى بلد | جديد 2013

Jordan is a good country as some of its people would say, from the outside it seems to be a successful country. From the city of Amman, you cannot help but be impressed by its strength and diversity. But then you get a little bit closer and just outside of Amman and people start seeing a different story.

Nevertheless, Jordan's hottest young pop star Youssef Arafat is feeling patriotic in his latest single. I am sure Youssef Arafat loves his homeland, and he is happy to sing for it a song where he calls it the best country. Young people will like this track, the jaded older ones will say meh! Aside from that his debut song since he left the Arab Idol show was about how awesome Islam really is.

I like the children back chorus, they seem to happy to put their little voices on something of value. I am certain this song will open the door to Youssef Arafat concerts and media appearances in his country now that he has served his dues.

اغنيه يوسف عرفات - احلى بلد | جديد 2013


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