Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Just LOVE Everything Naji Osta Does @OstaNaji

I think Naji Osta is working on a transition from a guy who does light songs and pop type into a guy who sings serious songs and make them popular. Naji Osta has been around for a long time inside Lebanon he is a big player and he has his crew. But now his name is getting bigger, much bigger--a name like that hard to contain in Lebanon.

Something about growing and working with grownups, Naji found his voice, his style and I love him for it. This must be the third single from Naji in 2014 and he has 3 on three. I love how Dany Helou who produced....and the sensual Salim Assaf does not disappoint. Naji, keep doing this, you are really making pop music much better, and I think your delivery, flow and energy make a nice wrap for the great gift you have in those vocal muscles.

I know Naji is a big deal to his fans, but he also goes to a great length to meet them--even if he had to sing inside a restaurant. I know I would love to see him sing live and do his smooth deep from the gut songs where he is unafraid to connected with his emotions like he does below.
Naji Osta -Sett El Sabaya / ناجي اسطا - ستّ الصبايا


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