Monday, June 30, 2014

Fadel Shaker Releases Yet Another Hit Despite His Unknown Whereabouts

Brother Fadel Shaker, the retired hit-maker who has gone missing keeps churning out hits despite the fact that we are confused about whether he is alive or dead. Is he still in Lebanon inside that camp? Or did he make it out of Lebanon. He is a wanted man as the Lebanese justice system and the army want him dead. But somehow he survived the siege and seems in a place where he can record new songs.

This once he has a religious prayer in time for the Muslim holy month. He sounds comfortable in the track, not a guy who is running for his life. Saudi Rotana manged to release one of his songs. Reminds of of the Bin Laden tapes with Aljazeera.

The longer this goes on, the better are the odds of being forgiving the controversial (and perhaps criminal) I do not see a way out, but I like to hear from Fadel Shaker whose voice we are in love with.
عشق الحواس - فضل شاكر- حصريا رمضان 2014


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