Monday, June 2, 2014

WATCH: Adorable Kid Duo Play Music In Gaza

The Gaza Music School has been taken over by the Edward Said Music Conservatory and they teach young kids in Gaza to play music. This is a respected school that gives people hope, it gives them something to do that would be impossible to get otherwise. Music cures the soul, and the people of Gaza are no different than other humans--they like music.

Two adorable kids team up to do an oldie by Fayrouz and they do not miss a heartbeat. Maria is 11 years old, and Feras is the musician, he is ten years old. Maria dream of becoming an engineer, Feras wants to stick to the show business. They have been in the school for over six years where they learned their skills. Feras's grandpas is popular musician in Gaza. He dreams of becoming the next Ziad Al Rahbani when he grows up.

ماريا وفراس .. سمفونية غزة


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