Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Morocco For Kids By Noon Channel Stars (Video) @NOONKidsChannel

Noon is one of these specialized TV networks for children. They got their performers and kids to do a special song for the Moroccan Kingdom bragging about how nice it's to be living in that part of the world. I am certain Morocco is dazzling, but vocalists who earn their paycheck singing for kids next to little kids may have little to brag about.

I want to visit Morocco, Noon Channel did a good job capturing some of the awesome views from around that dazzling land. As for the song, it's not terrible. They concert was a sold out event, and lots of kids came out for this event, to be with their favorite idols.

Here's Noon's Facebook page

جينا للمغرب - فريق نون | 2014


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