Sunday, June 1, 2014

WATCH: Kalemony Aleh(Alem Elgheb) - @SamoZaen كلمونى عليه(علم الغيب) - ساموزين

His fans are celebrating the release of his album and his latest music video. Samo Zaen is back in action and he is serving us yet another cool music video where he is inside a club hanging with some folks who remind him of the past. Samo is a cool cat of his genre.

This once he brings out his emotional self, and it goes in Egyptian. The song has two titles and seems personal. Here's the thing the music arrangement keeps it fresh. The background love story seems real or well-acted. I do not like the open chest scene, but love the location and the nature.

Samo makes a lot of music and in Egypt he is millions of fans, he seems like a romantic himself, I just do not know what this song is missing. I think it can use more soul, or another musical instrument to break that dull flow. This music video is about huggers and people who like to be embraced. The catch, the song changes gears toward the end, and you are able to spot the old Samo Zaen who will cheer you up.  

Kalemony Aleh(Alem Elgheb) - Samo Zaen كلمونى عليه(علم الغيب) - ساموزين


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