Sunday, June 8, 2014

Walid Toufic "The 50 Year Old Song"

Walid Toufic is 50 years old young, the beloved Lebanese hit-maker from the eighties and 90s finds his groove back and owns this growing old song. He is back with anew single where he tells the lady not to tell him he is an old man for being 50, "I can challenge the 20 year olds" he sings at least in his heart.

Frankly, this is the best song from Walid for the past 10. This is a song old guys who does not want to be known just for growing. It's about love. Sure, there are creepy guys who like younger women, Walid Toufic has never been one of them. He is really in his element here....he sounds as always but with better material.

Walid is not the only pop star who is in his 50s, but he is the only one who is man enough to own it, and tell folks he is still have a life to live.
وليد توفيق لا تقولى عمرى خمسين 2014


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