Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Finally Assaf was able to perform in front of the Fifa Congress. I had no idea what does he want that gig so bad....It did not really look that good, and it seemed it was not even that live. I think he should have said no, did it add anything to his career, hard to imagine. The song is not his best and it's actually a disappointing chapter in this Arab Idol's career. You just do not create a song by committee. Happy that Assaf was the first Arab to sing in front of the Fifa Congress, but not pleased of his choice of songs.

I am not some guy who does not like Assaf, I do, he is a cool dude. But he cannot just be happy with B songs and take pride in them. Maybe in few months he would be able to tell that this song was really silly. He should not have sang these crappy lyrics in English. "We will survive?" In sports you need to thrive not just survive! seriously.

World Cup is a big deal, but this song does not really do much for anything. Sure it mentions the flag and country--for a second Assaf gets a chance to show off his amazing voice, but overall this song is a dud. This was filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and according to Mohammed Assaf Facebook, a billion people saw his performance. I think this is bad, not great news. The only benefit of this song is that all proceeds are meant to be donated to that NGO working to help refugees.

#محمد_عساف في كونغرس الفيفا - MOHAMMED ASSAF #ASSAF360 FIFA CONGRESS


  1. you're looking for fame by this ,you can say what you want assaf still the first arabe in the congress and his performance was amazing

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