Saturday, June 14, 2014

All The Rocking Pretty Boys! Listen: WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ

They are the fresh boys of pop, there are four of them and they know they are a hit with the ladies. Not sure how the boys feel about them, but they know they have each other, and together they can make and record the best album.

They do it for fun, marketing, and the love of music. They four individuals artists who make up the band, have their own careers, but they seem to like being part of WAMA. Not many of the boy bands are left, but this one seems to be timeless....they have been making music together and lone for more than a decade.

And you know people are still talking about them-their latest album will be releasing soon....but the word cup and Ramadan are not helping bringing it sooner. I like the Latin and French beat their new single has "Leh Laa" Why not?

I like what I heard so far cannot wait to take a look at the new album and see where their creative vision will take us...I know this summer we can use some cool breezes like the one you will hear below.
WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ


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