Friday, June 27, 2014

Samira Said Releases Her First Single With #Rotana

Samira Said is having a wonderful year, now that she has found a new home with the new Rotana contract. The ageless pop diva from Morocco released another single that breathes a new life into her thriving career. I do not know what she will do next, but Rotana will take her places, and this is why they used her song along with some of Rotana owned films.

This is a neutral song even thought the writer is Moroccan, the song feels right. This is her first collaboration with Rotana. Samira did win the World Music Award, but she did a strange thing, she did not go collect the trophy she would not say why, but she did not end up going to collect her wining for her blazing hot "Ma Zal"
سميرة سعيد - اللي بيننا


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