Friday, June 27, 2014

Meet Miss North Africa--Moroccan Chaabiya

Slow news days lead to stories we would never have read. But her's an interview from a star getting ready to shoot a music video, her makeup, her hair, and her fashion, you get to see the process and the photo shoot. This is Chaabiya, Miss Morocco who came to Lebanon for business and such. She is very Moroccan and her beauty is hard to miss.

Not sure what's next for Chaabiya, but I think moving around the Arab world is helpful, and these photo shoots are a great marketing strategy. Hang in there, something good will turn up. I know some past winners of the beauty pageants have gone into the music video business, others in the business world and product endorsement. Some took gigs on TV. It's smart for the Winner of Miss North Africa for this year to try to get her name out there.

As for the name it's catchy and attractive, it might need to be refined as it's harder to find info on the model because her name means folksy....the search engine results bring back many tings but none of them about the model.



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