Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ragheb Alama Talks Unity and Flag In #Lebanon

Ragheb Alama did not go away after Arab Idol, he quit the stint as a judge and manged not to talk negative about it the whole ordeal. Since then he has been doing a lot of press, festivals and conferences about two things, how awesome Lebanon is and how important unity to them away from religion. Then he has been promoting a new since of nationalism.

Ragheb loves his country, and here's a speech about what matters the most to his countrymen, now the singer is a beloved and a respected voice. He manged to shame some of the local politicians even though he is a guy with many friends in high places. The wonderful thing about this is he is speaking to the youth with high hopes.  

He is the bigger star who talks about big things, unlike that other judge on Arab Idol who only talks about things and flashy phones.

Ragheb Alama Speech In Adyan Festival راغب علامة في مهرجان أديان

Ragheb Alama Bous El Alam راغب علامة أغنية بوس العلم