Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Arab Idol Recroding A New World Cup Song @MohammedAssaf89 #ASSAF360

So he has a new song--note how the edit the kiss part of the clip. He is getting ready to enter the studio to record an epic sport song for the world cup. MBC is betting a lot of money on his star power, they even have other non-Arab talent involved with this project. I am impressed by his pairing with celebrated lyricists Nizar Francis. I love the sight of Michael Fadel--I just love his work and his style.

The cool thing the song will be writing be the fans on the social media, their words will be put into this song. I know the music is already planned out. I like the cool haircut Mohammad Assaf has on right now. People know his star power and serious talents are being bankrolled to ensure every success.

When the dust settles, I hope this is a good song.....Do I think Assaf is up against a lot? Sure!

 #ASSAF360 East meets West

#ASSAF360 - Getting started - التحضيرات


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