Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Youth of #Egypt Want..... By @Axeerstudio | Asfalt Ft. Mado

Mado had a good run as that indie guy with a guitar, funky hair and a million problem to sing about. Now he is going for the soccer player look, crazy hair and something messed up on his eyebrow. He is still angry, and still got some songs inside him. His song is about what they want and expect from Egypt. As a youth collective who loves Egypt and want to do right by it.

What did he get? Nothing, the got the middle finger from the army generals who took them for a ride and when the ride was over, they asked them to pay the fare! If they did not, they would throw them from the car and run them over. Sisi is running the country now, too bad not much is left to I am a little bit upset with these indie artists who rallied with the army less than a year ago, only to come back now and say "Shit!'
@Axeerstudio | Asfalt Ft. Mado | عايز (Lyric Video)


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