Thursday, June 5, 2014

@aljazeeranet Leaves No Man Behind! Releases A Song For Detained Journalist Abdullah Al Shami

Aljazeera is upping their game as they see one of their own stand a sham trail in funny-times Egypt. Al Jazeera Arabic’s Abdullah al-Shami has been in jail without trial since last August, and after 76 days on hunger strike, his health is deteriorating. The correspondent for the Doha-based media network's Arabic news channel, who has been held without charge by Egyptian authorities since August 14, wrote that he suffered from bone aches and could "barely" stand.

In a letter letter dated April 6, was addressed to fellow detainee Mohamed Soltan and was given to Al Jazeera by al-Shami's wife, Gehad Khaled.Al-Shami says his family, friends and fellow prisoners had "put pressure" on him to stop his hunger strike but that he was "determined, willing and hard-headed" about his freedom.

Here's the song, they produced a song about this young man who is being accused of half a dozen ludicrous but serious crimes. I think his only crime was his active work that covered the army massacre in the Raba Square. I have no clue who is the vocalist, but it's great. It reminds of that for Medhat Saleh and the 80s pop stars. It's not Medhat who is in the army camp.

The song is about freedom of expression. no way Qatar and the entire journalist networks would move on--they need to band together to face these random charges. Why is he in rotting in a jail?

قناة الجزيرة تنتج أغنية للمراسل المعتقل عبدالله الشامي


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