Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nassif Zaytoun Conquers Morocco's Mawazine Music Festival

In a very special night at Mawazine Music Festival, three young stars had the night for themselves. Mohammad Assaf from Arab Idol, Nassif Zaytoun from Star Academy, and Murad Bourky from the voice, the three had a press conference right before their concerts. And now we get to see a lot of what the Syrian super star Nassif did that night.

Zaytoun opened the night, and Assaf closed it, Morad had the middle. I am a fan of these three talented and I know Nassif gave the folks what they have come to expect from him. He is one hell of a charming singer who has joined the big league. The Nahda Oriental Stage was on fire the night of May 30!

ناصيف زيتون مهرجان موازين مش عم تضبط معي 2014 (المغرب)

ناصيف زيتون موال مغربي رائع مهرجان موازين 2014 (المغرب)

ناصيف زيتون يغني سعد لمجرد انتي باغية واحد

ناصيف زيتون مهرجان موازين منوعات - صوت ربابة 2014 (المغرب)


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