Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mawazine Festival, Here's To The Biggest Arab Music Festival EVER!

Do not even try to explain this picture, thousands of people attend this music festival that takes place every summer in the summer of Morocco. The city of Rabat hosts this international event where Arab, world class, and global stars share the stage. There are also performances from all corners of the world.

You may have a big ego as an entertainer, but some artists are unable to get this number in YouTube videos....but they can be seen by more people in this Mawazine Festival. This is a world-class event with a huge budget and top musicians vying to dazzle the audience. There is not stat too big for this venue. Arab stars do their best to get a gig on this concert. Certain names always get invited, others would kill for a chance to meet Morocco's biggest music fans and spenders. Naturally, lots of Moroccans who live around the world fly home in time for this music festival. .

Yara - Mawazine Festival 1 / يارا - إحتفال موازين


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