Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amr Mostafa Stands Alone As Egypt Goes To Hell!

Since 2011 and I have made it know, I care for his music, but not for his political stands and commentary. Composer, and singer Amr Mostafa has a new song, a song for a movie and he has the timely title "nightmare". He is a patriot as he calls himself and he locked himself with Hosni Mubarak, and his cronies. I cannot question his motives, but I question his judgment.

Not sure what's the point of releasing a one minute song for a small movie. I think he wants to time it to imply that the year of one year of democracy in Egypt was a nightmare. Now he wants all business back to usual. I want to believe him, but if people agreed with him, why did they stay away from the polling stations? The youth did not care for their country's future.
عمرو مصطفى كابوس اغنية فيلم الدساس 2014 رائعة


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