Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elissa Goes To Church And People Lose Their Shit! #ladyofharissa #lebanon

Lebanese romance songstress and recently most popular user of social media in the Arab world, Elissa shared a photo of hers near a statue of the Virgin Mary with a comment "Our #lady protect us #ladyofharissa #lebanon" See it here and make sure to read the colorful comments. And here too, find some of these outrageous commented and discussions.

This may have been the first selfie with the Virgin Mary--someone also well-revered by the Muslim faith. I think it's cool that she would share this image, many Muslim entertainers share their images praying and going onto Hajj. It's a fair game. Now, sure you can hate religious stuff--but do it for all religion. Do not approve of one celebrity praying while condoning the other guy.

This is something personal and Elissa is proud of her faith.It helps her find peace.

Elissa - Te3ebt Mennak Video Clip / إليسا - تعبت منك فيديو كليب


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