Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Egypt's Youth Are Regrouping @AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat | #احنا_جيل_وانتوا_جيل

For a n indie spoken word artist Zap Tharwat, things have not been easy for this activist. He is a big name among the youth of Egypt. He is the biggest one man show in that post Mubarak years. But in the Sisi year he seemed to have vanished.

Zap just made a comeback with a vaguely worded rap song that channels some of his anger and frustration. He takes issue with the anti-freedom folks within Egypt. The youth are not sitting at home, they are regrouping and figuring out what to do next. The are still angry, frustrated and lost. Pretty much like the rest of Egypt.

The army would like them to take a nap and go back to surf the internet and forget anything called Jan 25th revolution. Zap has a life he is destined to lead, he is a dreamer and he calls out on them not to tread on him. He cannot be bolder, but he had to be vague to avoid being thrown in some jail or made disappear. This is his most sober song ever since he did that song about drugs.

@AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat | #احنا_جيل_وانتوا_جيل


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