Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Most Believable "I Love Egypt" Song By Arab Idol Runner-up Ahmed Gamal

For the love of Egypt, songs about this very subject are a dime a dozen but I think the star of Ahmed Gamal, the Arab Idol runner up was born to record this song. He is an everyman Egyptian. The musician with a lovely smile chose a critical time to confess his love to the motherland.

I totally believe him and see that he is sincere in his declaration. This is a new song by this talented young artist whose second song is about Egypt and how much it's dear to him. I love the music and the arraignment, Toma is keeping himself busy these days.

If anything Ahmed is holding back, he has a lot more force within him, this song is great, it plays to his strength. There are half a dozen songs already released this week about how special Egypt is to her people, this one is the best one despite that other popular dance friendly track by the guy who does not come from Egypt

Ahmed Gamal - Hanheb Men Ghirha | أحمد جمال - هنحب مين غيرها


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